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If you said yes to any of the above, please explain in detail (if a criminal offense include the type of offense, whether it was felony or misdemeanor, date of conviction, sentence or penalty received, city, state and county where convicted). Conviction of a crime will not necessarily disqualify you from consideration for employment and will be considered only as it relates to the job in question.
Nature of My Employment: If I work for Garzelli”s, I agree that I will be an at will employee, which means that either I or Garzelli’s may end my employment at any time, with or without cause or notice. I agree to perform any and all duties asked of me in accordance with the Company Operations Manual and Company Policy. I agree that no written materials or verbal statements made by Garzelli’s will constitute an express or implied contract of employment, and that this at will relationship can only be modified in writing identifying me by name and signed by the Chief Executive Officer of Garzelli’s. My Participation in Garzelli’s Drug Free Environment: I am not a current user of illegal drugs, and I agree that I will not work under the influence of drugs or alcohol. My Records and References: There is nothing in my background that would cause a risk to Garzelli’s customers, employees, or property. I authorize Garzelli’s to conduct reference checks, criminal and driving record checks, and other consumer report investigations. I release all parties from liability from providing such information to Garzelli’s. The information I have given on this application is true and complete. I agree to promptly notify Garzelli’s if I am later charged with or convicted of a felony, misdemeanor, or (if I am a delivery driver) a driving offense. I agree that any false information or omission agreement will be as valid and enforceable as the original. I certify that I am applying for this position because I wish to work for and contribute to the success of Garzelli’s, and for no other reason. I understand that if I am employed by Garzelli’s, I will have a fiduciary duty to Garzelli’s to act in its interests, and not in the interests of any other employer, I also understand that I must treat confidentially any information I learn in the course of my employment.
Because of the delay and expense of the court system, Garzelli’s and I agree to use confidential binding arbitration, instead of going to court, for any claims that arise between me and Garzelli’s, its related companies, and/or their current or future employees. This includes any claims concerning compensation, employment, sexual and other types of harassment, or termination of employment. Before arbitration, I agree first to present any claims in writing and in full detail to Garzelli’s and next to complete any Garzelli’s internal review process. Nothing in this agreement to arbitrate shall prevent me from filing a claim with any external administration or agency (such as the EEOC or similar state and local agency). In any arbitration, the then prevailing rules of the American Arbitration Association (and, to the extent not inconsistent, the Federal Arbitration Act) shall apply.